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I have been involved with horses since 1991... ended up with accumulating 7 horses in 1992 ( a very long story ( which I put on my face book page Tony Wengert.. I became involved with the wild horses in 2002 when I saw the CLOUD movie on NOVA... I was able to meet the film maker and ever since 2002 I have visited the Pryor Mountains. and have taken over 14,000 pictures of the wild horses..... and at the same time I accumulated 10,000 pictures of my own seven horses TE SKIP BLUE LADY WENDY the stallion FURY and of my only surviving gelding of 28 years ROY...…. I love posting the puzzles of the wild horses to allow people to see the horses in the Wild..... they are located in LOVELL WYOMING. THE ONLY "NEW" PICTURES I CAN POST ARE OF ROY until I go back to the Pryors….. TE WAS MY FIRST HORSE AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER BFF HE TAUGHT ME MORE THAN I EVER TAUGHT HIM....I ALSO HAVE BEEN PRIVILEGED TO SHARE MY LIFE WITH 31 CATS.....

I joined Jigidi on 17 January 2018 and was last seen on 24 September 2022. I've solved 795 puzzles (0.5 daily) and put together 86244 pieces (50.4 daily)

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3 September 2020 - 16 August 2020
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