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As my name would suggest, I am an atheist from Wales, UK. My jigs will either be anti-theistic, serious, funny, or just plain stupid.

I'm an adult... I post adult content.

If you want to debate me, I suggest you bring your wits... and a fair wadge of facts and evidence... and please bear in mind that the Bible is NOT evidence.

If you're a theist and you want to post a comment... I'd start with objective proof of your god's existence. Not a quote from scripture, or a personal account... but something evidential and real... something that can be tested scientifically. Then, once you've done that, feel free to comment all you like. Because, until you provide evidence that your RIDICULOUS beliefs are to be taken seriously, you're just blowing hot air out of your arse!

That last comment was for you snp103.

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