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The puzzles that I post are in humor and to make you smile, if you get a laugh or two, that is great. I do like snoopy and the peanut gang, as you can see. Yes, I am a Christian Women and at time will post a puzzle of that nature. If that might offend a few, please move on to another puzzle and there no need to start an argument. For you have the right to believe in whatever, as I have the right to believe in the Heavenly Father and His Wonderful Son. Any copyright infringement is unintentional of images that I may post. I want to say, Thank –you, for visiting and doing my puzzles. GOD Bless!
Watchman (Maria) ;-)

I joined Jigidi on 7 September 2016 and was last seen on 3 January 2023. I've solved 35152 puzzles (15.2 daily) and put together 823599 pieces (356.6 daily)

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16 December 2022 - 4 August 2022
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