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Loving Jigidi for so many years on my iMac, it was a breeze to sort puzzle pieces and spread them out, even magnified!
Laptop less, now, overjoyed to have been reconnected with Jigidi, on mobile!
Learning to pick smaller sizes, love 300-400 but 130 and under, much better on the phone, still feeling like a turtle on my speed!
Jigidi has been meditative for me, so I try not to see the speed of others before I begin, or else, it’s not fun, anymore.
Our COVID-19 explosion has restricted me to home, mostly, giving more time for Jigidi! YAY!
U2walkn was my first account, when I had a laptop!
u2walkn3 is my current account.
I’m thinking about a food only account because I love to photograph my food that I create or others:)
Stay safe and have a happy day!

I joined Jigidi on 5 August 2020 and was last seen on 28 May 2021. I've solved 2041 puzzles (6.9 daily) and put together 147080 pieces (495.7 daily)

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23 May 2021 - 6 February 2021
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