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*All of the Puzzles I 'create' & 'Post' are from what I Google. I do not have any artistic talent what so ever. However, if you do want something, I would love to shop Google for you & try to find it & post it :)

**If Ewe want a different size ask me within 24hours (after that I delete pictures so as not 2 duplicate my 'posts')**

*I also post puzzles under my alter ego ~JamaLlama~

* Life is all about ~ JESUS~FAMILY (includes My


*I dislike domestic cats very much as well as ANY kind of monkey species including apes, baboons, chimpanzees etc. ~ I don't like horses as a rule either or birds. ~ I like My Doggie just fine though :)

*My Favorites are: BLUE~(esp Sapphire, Royal, Electric, Cobalt & Deep Blue Hues )~CARNATIONS~

*Due to stupid disabilities in my life, I can only solve PUZZLES (ilovepuzzles) up to about 70 pieces (I am more comfortable w/ about 30 pieces). Thank-you very much :) ;) ") :] :}

*Jesus is My Defender & My Lawyer & My Best Friend & My Savior (4 all the THINGS I Say, Do & Think)...I Thank-Him Always 4 taking me in2 His Kingdom :) & He is changing me always, so be patient w/me ")

*I deal w/RA, OA, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Chronic Migratory Neuropathy, ADHD, a form of Dyslexia, Fatigue, Tears in my ankles & lower back, PTSD, Sjogren's Eye Disease & other issues (TMI).
*One Doctor told me that my body is a 'Train Wreck', My 'Arthur' Doctor told me that I am an 'Enigma'. As 4 Me...I am a Child of the King & I will be liberated from all of this mess 1 day...The corruptible will put on the incorruptible & I will see God my Father in due time :) WooHoo Praise the Lord in spite of it all anyway, yep yep yep :)

I joined Jigidi on 23 January 2017 and was last seen on 9 December 2021. I've solved 29083 puzzles (16.3 daily) and put together 972241 pieces (546.2 daily)

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9 December 2021 - 4 December 2021
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