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It would be difficult for me to adapt to life in a city as it would be heartbreaking for me to lose my connection to nature. I am definitely a fish out of water unless I am home enjoying my country life. Consequently, I take daily walks-, and if something inspires me to take some pictures along the way. be it. I have a good time entertaining myself by creating some Jigidi puzzles from some of them. For better or for worse, about 90% are my own photos and the ones that are not..well, I post the source.

BTW, I like both cats and dogs. And for my entire adult life I have always had one or the other. Right now we have a cat named Clarke. And I love him to the moon and back.

I joined Jigidi on 15 May 2021 and was last seen on 22 May 2022. I've solved 1071 puzzles (2.9 daily) and put together 137615 pieces (370.1 daily)

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21 May 2022 - 8 May 2022
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