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I am Lois. I joined Jigidi years ago while my Shelties were still alive. Since then I've had 3 older, medically challenged dogs. The pictured dog is a rescue named Tootsie Roll. She glows red in the sun. Took an 8 year break from Jigidi but they saved all my Bookmarked puzzles.
Don't let anyone say you can't have a dog if you use a wheelchair, walker, or cane because they would be frightened. I have all three and no one was even worried.
I have appreciated all the friends on Jigidi. You have enriched my life and given me a family of friends. In case I don't survive the surgery on Friday I will say good-bye now and God bless all of you. Will be back if I can!

I joined Jigidi on 30 November 2013 and was last seen on 28 May 2024. I've solved 7189 puzzles (1.9 daily) and put together 1106376 pieces (288.8 daily)

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