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Hi... I'm John. I've been a resident of Jigidiland for over three years and have been an inventor my entire life.

With the "reopening" of our country, my heart is filled with joy. Soon I will be able to return to my chosen profession, make a ton of money and then squander it all on the important things in life like, yo yo's, pet rocks and pop rocks.

I will continue my "profile" (my left side is my best side) later, but right now my mommy wants me to do some finger painting. When I come back, I will share with you my green and blue fingers...

A list of just a few of my previous inventions...

1 - Wireless Remote Controlled Toilet Seat - How many times have you been on the way home and you have to pee... I mean REALLY have to pee. Now you can rest easy knowing your toilet is ready and waiting for your arrival. Just the push of a button, the toilet seat rises and now you have a 50/50 chance you will be able to relieve yourself before wetting your pants. My Wireless Remote Controlled Toilet Seat is like Prozac for your bladder

2. Inspired by the coronavirus, I have developed an adjustable bicycle built for two. You can adjust the separation of the seats from 6', to be in compliance with the current "social distancing" guidelines, or separate the seat a whopping 10' apart if you have an annoying husband, wife or TIM.

3 - Transexual Ken and Barbi dolls - The 2020 Barbi doll comes with removable breasts and Ken comes with a removable penis. The breasts and sex organs of the 2020 Ken and Barbi can be traded and swapped creating countless number of sexual orientations. Ken can have the shapely figure of Barbi and Barbi can drive large construction equipment and singlehandedly capture the city of Detroit. The possibilities are endless. Great for kids on the cutting edge* of societal confusion and undetermined identities. (Frilly short skirts, Speedos and coal miner overalls sold separately)

* - "cutting edge" is a medical term referring to the scalpels, mallets and duct tape used while performing gender reassignment surgery

(note: I put my year of birth as 1900 only because the drop down box did not list 1827)

I joined Jigidi on 8 May 2016 and was last seen on 30 June 2020. I've solved 6013 puzzles (4 daily) and put together 117449 pieces (77.6 daily)

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