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Hi, I'm TIM. Those that know me know that I am a master of gorilla warfare, attacking innocent puzzles with a quick non-sensical comment, filling my pockets with the ripest bananas and then retreating to my Betty Crocker cookbook to whip up a misunderstood loaf of banana bread. Yes, I used to bend and twist other people thoughts to make (what I thought to be humorous) balloon animals. But that was in the past. Now I have seen the error of my ways and have started an animal rescue group dedicated to the rescue of discarded balloon animals. I think rescue groups dedicated to rescuing balloon animals may be a bit unusual, but look around... do you see any 'normal' people residing here in Jigidiland?

It's true, several days ago I was shamed for making light about a social movement that many people (including myself) believe to be important and much needed. As a result, I am limiting the number of comments I will post. The quantity of my comments may decrease, but the quality of my comments will remain 98%, unfiltered codswallop. My future comments will only be posted where needed... on puzzles that suffer from neglect and puzzles that are no more exciting than my left armpit. You can think of me as being the inspiration (perspiration?) for Edna Murphey of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who in 1888 developed and patented the first commercial deodorant.

In the meantime I suggest anyone offended by my senseless humor to remember the words of the immortal Baretta (remember Baretta? the short little NYPD undercover cop from 1975-1978 who later in life got away with murder? ... literally) - "if you don't like the Spam, don't open the can"

I joined Jigidi on 8 May 2016 and was last seen on 8 August 2020. I've solved 6072 puzzles (3.9 daily) and put together 119625 pieces (77.1 daily)

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