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Hi, my name is TIM (The Invisible Man). For those that don't know me, I am a social activist, a rebel involved in many social causes. I am a person that shouts:
1) "no!" to canned Spam haters...
2) I ask "why?" does a racoon always have to wear a mask in public?
3) I ask "who?" deleted my Scarlet Johansson puzzle?
4) I ask "who" gave my testosterone to Jason Momoa?
5) I ask "why" do sloths get all the pretty women?
6) And I say "when" do I get paid for writing silly profiles?

But today I am asking for your help to bring recognition to an unsung hero, a relative of mine, the "Invisible Letter"... also known as the silent "W". Why should "R" get first billing in such words as wrap, wrist, wrestle, write and wring? Why does "H" dominate in who, whom, whose and whole? And why does "W" get lost in such words as ‘sword’ and ‘answer'? ENOUGH! A silent "W" is a letter, just as important as any other letter. Just because "W" doesn't have the curves of a "B", nobody can make 4 straight lines look as good as our beloved "W". So join with me in celebrating the silent "W". Viva la "W"!! Viva la "W"!!

I just recieved approval from the FDA to proceed with developing TIM's Spam Smoothie machine. Now you can enjoy all the fatty goodness of pig fat in a delicious smoothie... and remember, Spam Smoothies deliver 100% of the daily allowance of pig fat

And soon to be released is TIM's jSuper Douper Bone Magnet. The Super Douper Bone Magnet needs a few minor adjustments (I've accidentally turned one aunt and two nephews into mounds of jiggly goo), but should be available this Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for updates and recipes for Turkey pudding and Turkey cream pies

When I am elected president of your United States of America, the first thing I will do on January 22 is sign an executive order banning all commercials between the hours of 4-7pm (dinner time) that have the following side effects:
The urge to yodel groceries
Bowel obstruction
Bloody stool
The urge to bark at ants
The urge to toss a sidewalk pizza
Bowel perforation
Inability to release the kraken
Or the mention of any bodily fluid that ruins my dinner

OK... I'm going back to work now.

I joined Jigidi on 8 May 2016 and was last seen on 27 November 2021. I've solved 6382 puzzles (3.1 daily) and put together 134403 pieces (66.2 daily)

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