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Puzzler from: The Netherlands.
Loves: Nature, Music, Animals & Art.
pukkiepukLARGE is specially created for passionate puzzlers
who do enjoy the challenge of LARGE>HUGE sized puzzles! :-))

My 1st account is: pukkiepuk
~ It mostly has SMALL>MEDIUM sized puzzles.
My 2nd account is: pukkiepukLARGE
~ It only has LARGE>HUGE sized puzzles.

All puzzles on pukkiepukLARGE have previously been posted on my 1st account called: pukkiepuk.
There, you can also find more info (in the descriptions,- or title areas) about these puzzles.

You can quick-search by 'Keywords' on all pukkiepukLARGE puzzles by using: pl-
(no-spacesinbetween) ;-)

Or using: pp-
to find the smaller levels on my pukkiepuk account.

How to use these Keywords?
> 1 - Go to the menu 'PUZZLES' > 'MOST RECENT' > (all categories & all sizes & "search")
> 2 - Type (in the "search" area) the word: pl-sky
& you'll find all my LARGE/HUGE sized Sky-puzzles on my "pukkiepukLARGE" account.
> 3 - Type (in the "search" area) the word: pp-sky
& you'll find the same Sky-puzzles but in SMALL/MEDIUM sizes on my "pukkkiepuk" account.

You can also use the resize feature on all posts that is added in 2023.

I do not own any rights to most of the posted pictures.
Found online images don't always give proper info-credits to the actual artists. I would gladly know who to give credit to.
If you might know the actual artist's name, please leave a comment below the puzzle.
I'd appreciate your effort very much & thank you in advance.

Hope you'll enjoy & have a fun puzzle time!

I joined Jigidi on 16 December 2020 and was last seen on 9 December 2023. I've solved 7 puzzles (0 daily) and put together 143 pieces (0.1 daily)

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9 December 2023 - 20 November 2023
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