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For newcomers to my account: Almost daily I do visit a lovely elephant family in the Artis Zoo, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They are the heroes of these puzzles. An introduction: mum Thong Tai, born 1989 in Vietnam, due to a chequered past she suffers from PTSD, and needs lots of TLC. Adult daughter Yindee, born 2005, very clever, very stable and sedate, very loyal to her mum. Daughter Mumba, born in 2011, passed way in 2015. Yindee often takes along the ball Mumba used to play with. Daughter Sanuk, born 2016, friendly, shy, has a partly severed trunk being caught in a gate. Son Vinh, born in 2020, can be a clown, but also can be a nuisance to Sanuk. Vinh's father, Nikolai, was in Artis from 2018-2021. In March 2024, 20-year-old Sibu joined the herd to breed with Thong Tai and Sanuk. Yindee is thought to be infertile, which is a good thing now, with Sibu being her half-brother from the same father.

I joined Jigidi on 8 February 2022 and I am online now. I've solved 2515 puzzles (2.8 daily) and put together 171119 pieces (192.9 daily)

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14 July 2024 - 21 June 2024
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