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At last summer's heat is over and I'm feeling great. I've missed being able to make pictures for Jigidi, and I've certainly missed browsing the puzzles of all my dear friends. Lovely to be back!

Oh, wow! For Christmas I've been given a beautiful new computer! Like freshly washed hair way back when, I can't yet do everything with it. It's needed a few trips back to Trina and Dean to have adjustments here and there, for which it's certainly worth waiting a day or two. Everything's so smooth and so very fast. I couldn't be happier!

2018\11\27 A rather troubled week. Lots of rain caused a tree to swell, split, and fall on the house. I'm so conscious of my uselessness. People have been rushing around, giving so generously of their time and kindness. I can't even offer a cup of tea! Meanwhile, my annual breathing examination was due, and I was a bit of a failure. I suppose the trouble with the tree didn't help. Hospital people so very patient and kind. Trina once again going beyond expectations to make the day as smooth as possible. I'm so lucky. Nothing to be done by me now than rest quietly and feel safe and exceedingly grateful.

2018\10\17. Not very productive this week. Just enjoying a browse through some of the new work people have been posting. Some beautiful, some humorous. Always a pleasant experience.

Yesterday, the seventh of September 2018, Trina and her beloved Dean were married in an absolutely magical ceremony. One of the very happiest days of my whole life. I hope I'll soon have some pictures to post.

I might not be able to post or solve puzzles for a week or two. Just feeling a bit tired and lazy.

I was happily confident that I'd now be able to post just about every day. Out of the blue came some quite nasty chest pains that obliged me to lie flat and still, so no computer use at all. I've been given some patches that seem to be getting this problem under control, so I'll look forward to posting when I can. I hope I haven't missed answering any comments, because I really LOVE comments!

Here I am with fingers crossed. Over the last four months I've been up and down; feeling confident for a while and then having a bit of a set-back. Really seem to be settling down now, with no little events for weeks. I still spend a lot of time asleep, but as I have no responsibilities that doesn't really matter.
I must say that the government funded care I've received and continue to receive is pretty amazing. I feel very grateful indeed. It's been a hard time for Trina, my daughter, getting to whichever hospital every day.
I've come to Jigidi a few times and even solved a puzzle or two, but it took me a very long time. No matter; just looking at some of the lovely work on offer is happy-making.

I'm Fay, Obby and Obby1, pretty much confined to bed by a breathing problem, but in my own home and with loving attention every day. I love watching birds in my garden, enjoy reading and a certain amount of tv, but finding this wonderful site has certainly added extra enjoyment to my life. New puzzles every day--every minute--and even the opportunity to submit some of my own. And so much warm and positive feeling, as well as the fun of solving and creating!
I'm having some trouble: attempted posts get 'ERROR, Try again' and today's notifications went south. I'm sure it'll come right in a day or so; I just feel sad that some may think their comments have been ignored, and that would NEVER happen! I just love reading all the lovely comments. Anyway, no posts from me. I hope I can still solve! Love to all. Fay
Hadn't a clue about making kaleidoscopes or mosaics when I came here, but have learned quite a bit by looking at many beautiful examples and by being given hints and tips along the way.
Sometimes I just come here and spend an hour browsing through beautiful, interesting and/or whimsical pictures. What a feast for the eyes and mind!

I joined Jigidi on 29 January 2016 and was last seen on 29 October 2019. I've solved 3548 puzzles (2.6 daily) and put together 100853 pieces (73.6 daily)

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