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I live in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, less than an hour from Banff National Park, in the land of Chinooks. It makes our winters more livable. I am a school librarian and public library manager. I am also a guard at the R.C.M.P. holding cells about an hour's drive away - I spend a good portion of my life driving to and from my jobs. While guarding I am able to work on puzzles - it keeps me awake during my 16-hour shifts. I can keep an eye on the prisoners and still work the puzzles. Before Jigidi, the largest puzzle I completed was 3,332 - although I mostly completed 1,000 & 2,000 piece puzzles. I spent 10 years working in Forest Fire Towers - I wish I could have had Jigidi back then - I was very limited by space in the fire tower, so my puzzles were never more than 300 pieces - usually less, so I looked for really complicated ones. Down in my cabin I was able to work on puzzles up to 750 pieces due to space. I love the outdoors - my first tower was 45 minutes by helicopter away from town - I loved it. I also lived in the arctic for 1 1/2 years, monitoring 2 caribou herds for 2 summers and I spent a winter there working in the lab aging caribou teeth. No city life for me and city drivers are crazy! Give me deer and wild horses any drive!

I joined Jigidi on 16 November 2009 and was last seen on 16 June 2020. I've solved 1983 puzzles (0.5 daily) and put together 436890 pieces (113 daily)

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4 January 2016 - 19 October 2015
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