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Hi everyone!

My name's Nina & I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I stumbled onto this site when searching for vintage jigsaws that I had done years ago. I enjoy creating and completing jigsaws & I'm normally on this site daily for a short spell. Some of the jigsaws I create are from my own photos but the majority are taken from free photo sharing sites. Most of the jigsaws I create are around 50-100 pieces in size.

Just started a secondary account which includes jigsaws with more pieces - between 100-500 pieces. My other account can be found here:


Thank you to everyone who does my jigsaws! I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy doing other people's jigsaws! :)

I joined Jigidi on 21 February 2021 and was last seen on 18 January 2022. I've solved 2495 puzzles (7.5 daily) and put together 208178 pieces (629.4 daily)

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23 November 2021 - 13 November 2021
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