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I was born and raised in the Cotswolds in England UK but my mother was Belgian so I spent a lot of time in Brussels over the years. I have a passion for all kinds of bird & animals - both wild & domestic. I also love beautiful trees (woodlands & forests), autumn & Winter scenes, sunsets, skyscapes and seascapes, and anything to do with nature and the countryside. I also like a variety of art (especially folk art), so I am drawn to still life & paintings capturing any of the above.

I worked for most of my adult life in the construction industry, so I have a love of buildings (especially old ones) & architecture. Since having to cease outside paid employment due to long-term ill health a few years ago, I find designing and colouring mandalas and tiles relaxing and therapeutic, so I enjoy solving the beautiful kaleidoscope puzzles which very talented people post here on jigidi too. (I haven't yet tiptoed into the territory of making my own mandalas using software on my pc though - maybe one day!) I have posted some of the mandalas I have coloured &/or created.

I do a lot of craftwork... mainly beadwork, papercraft, needlework (tapestry, embroidery, knitting, and some crochet). I also collect dolls, and my 35yr old daughter and I have 12 dolls houses between us which we love decorating, & collecting for, & I enjoy making my own 12th scale items for them.

Other pastimes include enjoyment of a variety of genres of music (particularly the more unusual ones), & I play piano and guitar (not very well!) I particularly love percussion instruments, especially all kinds of drums (so Native American Indian music is a favourite) & I also play bongos - another activity which I find interesting, therapeutic & calming.

If you'd like to see more of a particular genre of my puzzles then, when you are signed in, click on 'Puzzles' at the top left-hand side of your Jigidi page, then click on 'Categories', scroll down past the listed categories to the 'Search' box & type in either of the following listed below, & you should be taken directly to your chosen genre...

cutwork (for Sandra Gilpin cutwork puzzles)

nickyscats (for puzzles of my various cats)

nickysart (for my own artwork puzzles)

nickyscolouring (for puzzles of pictures I have coloured in various colouring books)

nickysmandalas (for puzzles of mandalas I have either created myself or ones I have coloured in various colouring books)

nickyscards (for my card-making puzzles)

nickyscraftwrk (for puzzles of my various craftwork projects)

nickysneedlework (for puzzles of my own needlework & others I've acquired)

nickysdhouses (for puzzles of my dolls houses & items I make for them)

nickysminis (for puzzles of miniatures I've made myself for both my & other people's dolls houses)

nickysdolls (for puzzles of my doll collection)

nickyspweights (for my own paperweight collection & others)

nickysgarden (for puzzles of my garden)

nickysallotment (for puzzles of husband, Jim's, allotment)

nickyswinterscenes (for puzzles of talented artists' Winter scenes)

I joined Jigidi on 27 January 2013 and was last seen on 29 March 2023. I've solved 17172 puzzles (4.6 daily) and put together 462614 pieces (124.6 daily)

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