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just yesterday l was young! Today l am a little old lady who lives in NJ ,USA.

l could not create puzzles because my camera is too...whatever.
This newfangled technology is just too much for me and my brain is too addled for me to learn. No grandkids to do it for me.

So l thank all of you who give me all these wonderful pictures: solving them takes my mind away from the fact that l am a little old lady who ain't what she used to be (and may be it is a good thing she changed!)

As l work these interesting pictures l am mindful of the care and thought that went into posting them. At first i was going for speed- but after making the leaderboard a few times (for all of ten minutes!) l realized how rude l was being: just as though l devoured a delicious meal that someone put in front of me, then ran out without a thank you. So now l make sure to leave a comment on each puzzle l solve-
And l sincerely thank those of you who give me the opportunity to enjoy such a pleasant pastime.

l could not create puzzles until my Jigidi friends taught me how-
Now l am having more fun than ever

I joined Jigidi on 12 May 2020 and was last seen on 20 October 2020. I've solved 1462 puzzles (9.1 daily) and put together 72946 pieces (453.5 daily)

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