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Getting my hands in the dirt grounds me, planting seeds in the spring an expression of hope, and always a jar of fresh water within reach. When I come inside there is Jigidi , a feast for my eyes combined with playtime for my brain. I love to see the pretty pictures on Jigidi and solve the puzzles. Then after lunch and a nap it’s time to bring out my knitting needles, situate myself in the shade and knit a summer afternoon away. In the 3 other seasons it’s variations on the same theme.

I used to publish puzzles under Phloxie. Then would forget my password and start a new profile. So I published under Phloxie, and Phlloxie, and Violetta, and Coolboy - a profile I opened for my nephew. Now, after several years of not being here, I can’t find or remember my passwords again. So, like before, I opened a new profile. My new user name is Myhhrmaid. I misspelled the myrrh in Myhhrmaid. After fourth grade my spelling has gone down hill. What a comedy of errors.

I live in Minnesota, USA, about half a mile from where the Mississippi River joins the Minnesota River on their way to New Orleans and then out to sea.

I joined Jigidi on 11 February 2020 and was last seen on 6 July 2020. I've solved 4069 puzzles (27.9 daily) and put together 135670 pieces (930.6 daily)

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5 July 2020 - 30 June 2020