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Hi, I am Mette,

I live in Denmark with my husband, Magnus (founder of Jigidi), and our warm, clever and quippy kids and cats (oh yes, they all share these characteristics).

Magnus launched Jigidi in 2007. By the time I joined Jigidi management, in 2016, the community had already grown to be (very) big and (astoundingly) beautiful.

Did you know that almost every country in the world is represented on Jigidi?

Well, I knew but hadn’t actually realized. And it completely blew my mind upon arrival back in March 2016 - seeing the connections made across the globe and the profound joy that sprung from it.

The wondrous workings of the human mind have always been my favourite puzzle. So, it had to be that my overall focus since has been to work with you all in continuing to shape Jigidi as a place in the world where we come to both grow our individual and shared horizon.

We say: Be curious, be creative, be kind. Be generously human ♥

I joined Jigidi on 30 March 2016 and was last seen on 21 January 2022. I've solved 258 puzzles (0.1 daily) and put together 21698 pieces (10.2 daily)

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13 March 2021 - 7 September 2017
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