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My name is Yvonne, also known as Bonnie, I am 58 (born 1st August 1962) and a lady of leisure (I used to be a Business Analyst). I love cooking, entertaining, knitting, nature documentaries (basically anything with animals in), cryptic crosswords, suduko and jigsaw puzzles (and any other types of puzzles for that matter!). I am married to a fellow jigger called JasperJackal and live in North Wales close to the English/Welsh border.

I love all things oriental and have traveled extensively. If you ever get the chance, visit Vietnam, the country, people and food are wonderful.

I love nature and think that animals are much better than humans and in a lot of cases more intelligent! I have two (indoor) cats, a little tortoiseshell called Susie, a grey and white fluffball called Ollie (Olivia), two more are joining me next weekend, Biscuit and Queenie (who will be renamed Cookie). Until the end of November 2020 a Bengal called Jasper. Jasper was a whole picnic basket short of a picnic :).

This is Susie
This is Ollie
This was Jasper

I really look forward to your comments as I enjoy a nice little chat as I was made redundant from being a business analyst, so decided to retire and become a house wife (yes very early!) so love interacting with people. If I am completing your puzzler months after you posted it, don't worry, I tend to use the 'quick play' button as the picture that you complete is then a complete surprise!

I am fairly sure that my fridge will have revenge on me by coming to my room, opening my door, staring at me for 3 minutes and then leaving again. Yes I am weird, weird is good. Normal is vastly overrated.

I also trade as stillmanic, where I have a quiz theme.

I joined Jigidi on 8 April 2016 and was last seen on 2 December 2020. I've solved 5855 puzzles (3.4 daily) and put together 214392 pieces (126.2 daily)

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7 October 2020 - 30 September 2020
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