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[ Nov 12, 2015 Update:

I finally(!) finished creating the TV show (plus YouTube channel and website) to teach children programming! If you're curious has links to the YouTube channel and playlists. The shows will start broadcasting this Saturday in the San Diego area and I hope to get on another San Diego channel in a month or two.

I'm so looking forward to getting back to the piano. I've missed it! I've missed the Jigidi group too. I'm peeking at TenStar to see who's still around. My puzzle table has a 2000 piece Mt Fuji puzzle that's collecting dust. I can't resist the puzzle's siren call :-).

I'll get in touch with the group. I wish everyone well. :-) ]

I'm a San Diegan and live in San Diego. I've been married for over 30 years now to my college sweetheart. We have four grown kids - two boys and two girls - and we have 1 granddaughter.

I enjoy the outdoors and as you can tell I like hiking - the photo is from Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.

I enjoy puzzles as you can tell by my stats and really enjoy non-digital puzzles. I have a large collection of puzzles - up to 24,000 piece puzzles - though I will admit that the largest I've completed is the 8000 piece puzzle of the Sistine Chapel ceiling (11' x 3').

Granddaughter, family, computers, reading and work keep me very busy.

I enjoy this website, especially because of the community's atmosphere with the wide variety of fun puzzles of art, landscape, humor and life. I enjoy the sharing and am very happy to support it.

I joined Jigidi on 30 August 2011 and was last seen on 6 April 2016. I've solved 160480 puzzles (95.5 daily) and put together 3381826 pieces (2012.2 daily)

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6 January 2015 - 30 December 2013
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