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I am a widow, retired secretary, living in the eastern part of The Netherlands, with my dog Bambi.
My hobbies are reading, reading, reading, making small embroderies, walking with Bambi and placing my photo's on jigidi.
During my daily walks and car/caravan trips I make lots of photo's for jigidi; mostly of 'small and simple' nature and nice old farmhouses.
I love to travel with my caravan + car + dog. I am lucky to be a member of a camping-club, whose members are 'elder singles': widows, widowers, divorced; men/women, which is NOT a dating club, but people that - although now alone - still want to go on camping. So every month we can join a camping-weekend together - somewhere in the Netherlands.
The last 7 winters I drove to Spain, and came back 3 months later. From this winter on I will stay at home - but still hope to travel around in spring/early summer.

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The glass is (at least!!!) half full!

You have to cope with the cards that life deals you,
and play the best game with them that is possible.

It is not the most difficult (brave) to do something,
but to make the decision to do it.

If life deals you with lemons........ add Gin and Tonic! (from a puzzle by Sissel)

Als 't niet kan zoals het moet, dan moet het maar zoals het kan! (If it is not possible to do it the way it should be done, then do it the way that is possible)

don't judge others

....... and don't go thinking I always behave up to the above mentioned ways of life!!! I wish I could!

In October 2019 Mette asked the jigidi members that take own photo's, to send in some photo's and answer some questions. I did. And was very surprised that I was one of three people to be selected and have one of their favourite photo's and an interview placed in the Jigidi Magazine. And even more that I was the first one! I am very honoured and excited that happened and that such nice and positive comments were given by you, the ones that come and see my postings.
Whether you only 'pass by to look' or make the puzzle or give a comment (now and then!), I am so happy with all of you.
I hardly ever make puzzles myself anymore, but I love looking at what other people have posted. It is a big part of the fun I have in being on jigidi!
Thank you all, the posters and the lookers, puzzlers, commenters!
(find the article: At the bottom of this page: go to 'jigidi - blog' and then it is easy!)

Summer 2020: This summer (and probably into Autumn) I am taking photo's of flowering plants in my neighbourhood and posting them. I hope you enjoy some of them!

I joined Jigidi on 11 March 2013 and was last seen on 29 November 2020. I've solved 991 puzzles (0.4 daily) and put together 35222 pieces (12.5 daily)

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29 November 2020 - 23 November 2020
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