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My name is Hilary.I live in Montreal, Canada since the early 1970's, before which I lived in Liverpool, England, where I was born, and then in Winchester.I am retired and enjoy puzzles, crochet,knitting, sewing, baking and cooking, tennis and swimming.My passion is dogs.My favourite colours are blues and purples and if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be bacon or chicken sandwiches.I have no kids, only dogs.My dream if I ever won big money would be to open a hostel for dogs of people who are sick and can't take care of them or people who are dying and have no one to take their pets or abandoned dogs.The picture is of the love of my life, Laska cocker spaniel-golden retriever mix.He lived to a good age of 16.All my dogs have lived to 16.I've been very lucky

I joined Jigidi on 16 April 2019 and was last seen on 23 April 2024. I've solved 46658 puzzles (25.4 daily) and put together 1404403 pieces (765.5 daily)

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