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Author, Writer, Actor, Digital Art muck-arounder, Appreciator of great art works & lots more ;)
Note: In all cases of puzzles I upload to Jigidi, I try to include both the artist's/photographer's name(s) as well as an internet link, as I firmly believe in acknowledging copywrite to the rightful owner. Sadly, it seems very many pictures don't have the artist's name yet are freely available for downloading. At no time is breach of copywrite intended and as no financial gain is drawn from this venture, I choose to extend much gratitude to him or her, so thank you to all of the very skilled artists and photographers whose images I reuse here.

It's prudent to advise you to treat ALL PICTURES as COPYRIGHT regardless of whether copyright is listed. If you have a particular pic/image of interest, the onus is on you to contact the artist or photographer for its possible reuse.

Also, after playing many puzzles, I've found that a great deal of the pictures in their original state do not visually transfer as easily to our virtual puzzles; most often they are too dark. In the effort to make these pics much more easier on the puzzle-playing eye, I have elected to 'retouch' many of them (i.e. adjusting brightness/contrast, saturation etc.); I also find that having a frame around the edge helps us pick those pieces out of the screen jumble, adding to the improvement of play, so now most of the puzzles I make have a frame, too. Occasionally pictures have a sort of 'monotone' finish when seen in 100's of small pieces, which can be a nightmare to match together - on these ones, I've taken the rare liberty to 'colour-tweak' individual areas of the pic so as to give a stronger definition for the eye, e.g. the Ex. Large "Saga of Sages" 352 & 494 pce puzzles.

An Original Image as well as a Retouched Image is posted and stated in the Description, however IN NO INSTANCE IS ANY OFFENCE INTENDED TO THE ARTIST for any adjustments made to their pictures: said adjustments are purely for ease of the eye on the virtual puzzle/screen.

Lastly I recognise that many of the pictures here would be enjoyed for young people and those who like small-scale puzzles (I personally like the big jigsaws), in time I hope to bring many of them to this scale too, but if you see a picture you'd like in a particular size/scale, please ask and I will Tag you in it, which gives you instant access to it regardless of its unpublished state; we are only given a limited number of puzzles to upload per day :(

I truly hope you enjoy the puzzles I share and I am always happy to hear from you, so please feel welcome to message me.

TIP: I've discovered a way for you to find my puzzles more directly! Type the title in the Search option, using no spaces between words, & no apostrophes or commas e.g. spookytrickortreat or draculascastleinnerhall or try spooky_trick_or_treat or draculas_castle_inner_hall as examples.
In the coming days I will endeavour to get all of my puzzles fixed so that this easier method works for everyone of them. So far there's only been a few puzzles that this system isn't working for, (e.g. The Four Riders & Halloween 2013) but the others show up in my test-searches. If you have any problems, let me know and I'll see what can be done.

Sincerely, Kyrin

I joined Jigidi on 27 September 2017 and was last seen on 31 May 2023. I've solved 2947 puzzles (1.4 daily) and put together 702684 pieces (339.1 daily)

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8 April 2023 - 26 January 2023
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