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I will not be posting on Jigidi any longer, I put too much effort and thought into these puzzles, I do it for my Savior, as a witness. They are taking them down or posting them with the nudes.

I am not going into this at length, but want you to know why you are not seeing my puzzles any longer. If you have the opportunity to pass this along to others that I can't reach, I would deeply appreciate your time and effort.

If you got this and it sounds like a mystery, simply disregard it.

I am here if you need to talk or pray, I am on Facebook.

Thank you for your time, love and prayers,

Josie (Toni)

The love of Jesus is the source of salvation. He loves, He looks, He touches us, WE LIVE.


I joined Jigidi on 29 August 2009 and was last seen on 2 April 2016. I've solved 25 puzzles (0 daily) and put together 899 pieces (0.4 daily)

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24 February 2016 - 29 September 2015
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