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Hi, I love kittens...and so the username. I am retired and lived in Florida for many years.
As of August 2013, I moved to South Carolina. It has been quite a change.
I have no children, but have many nieces and nephews. My first name is Janine.
grandmalucy (Lucy) is my aunt. She is my mother's sister. I used to live in the
same town in New York State with her. Eventually I left N.Y.S., and moved to
Florida in the 1980's. So glad Lucy intoduced me to jigidi. Just love this site......
the best puzzles ever. Thank you jigidi. I do appreciate the array of photos, etc.
You have me hooked. Just recently, my niece, monkey65, joined jigidi. She is
also posting on jigidi......good luck to her !

I joined Jigidi on 26 December 2012 and was last seen on 3 March 2016. I've solved 5453 puzzles (4.7 daily) and put together 739375 pieces (636.2 daily)

This user has not published any puzzles.

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