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My name is Pat, I'm 69 years old, retired, live in south/central Kansas, and have always loved jigsaws -- particularly ones that the cats can't scatter. The first jigsaw puzzle I remember having that actually belonged to me was a map of the United States -- each state was a piece and the puzzle was a 5th birthday gift. At that time, all of the states amounted to a 48 piece puzzle. :-)

I have two sons (now in their 40's) and one granddaughter, and (at last count) 4 cats. I guess you could call me a crazy cat lady, but I learned it from my sister!

I have also co-authored 3 books with my sister, Donna. They fall into the funny nostalgia category -- short, humorous stories about growing up in a small rural town in the 1950's and '60's. If you are interested in more information about these, let me know.

I joined Jigidi on 27 January 2014 and was last seen on 22 January 2020. I've solved 2192 puzzles (1 daily) and put together 187611 pieces (85.8 daily)

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