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I love nature and I love color, especially what they call "jewel tones". From doing puzzles here, I've discovered that I have some color-blindness in the green spectrum.
As you can see from the puzzles I publish, my interests are all over the place! I hope you enjoy the puzzles I've posted!
I enjoy finding unusual art and photos and turning them into puzzles because I love puzzles too.
If anyone would like a smaller version, just comment, and I'll make one - let me know what size you would like. I can't make more than a couple of my current puzzles larger though, and only a few pieces larger at that. I pick what appeals to me when they show the cuts.
If you would like a smaller size of any of the puzzles, just comment on the one you want and let me know what size, and I'll get as close as I can. If you want a larger one, that probably can't happen, because I usually will make one as large as the image allows, but on occasion, I can make the full 524 - I don't usually go over 475 because that's the max size I can fit on my screen without shrinking the pieces down to "squint" size.

I joined Jigidi on 7 March 2015 and was last seen on 26 September 2022. I've solved 448 puzzles (0.2 daily) and put together 108854 pieces (39.5 daily)

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6 December 2015 - 24 October 2015
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