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Hello fellow puzzlers! I just love this website, to see puzzles from all around the world and to be able to turn any image into a puzzle. Fantastic idea, thanks so much to Magnus and Stephan for Jigidi, its great. I think this is a wonderful way to see and learn about new art and photography.
I love gardening and have a passion for growing things from seed. I only have one garden but I need about 20 as there are so many beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees to grow. I feed the birds every day and have my own flock of starlings that fly down from the trees when I call them and they all roost on my home at night. Anything to do with wildlife interests me and I am crazy about European badgers. I am a slave to two adorable dogs, a corgi cross and a rescued chihuahua! The Chihuahua is a proper dog and definitely NOT a handbag dog - gardeners don't do handbag dogs! I have other reincarnations on Jigidi so that I can collate my puzzles by genre - they are Felinefancy (cats), Time4Tea (tea related puzzles) and FlowerFace (Floral puzzles) and my newest collection Dog-ged (dogs)! ........ Addicted to Jigidi? Who? Me? ...... OK I'll admit it! :-)
Hope you enjoy my puzzles!

I joined Jigidi on 7 December 2016 and was last seen on 21 January 2021. I've solved 8395 puzzles (5.6 daily) and put together 1493613 pieces (992.3 daily)

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7 July 2020 - 8 June 2020
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