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I hope everyone gets access to and obtains the Coronavirus vaccine.
I hope everyone stays as healthy as possible.

My other profile is Joan454. I don't post there any longer, but I hope you enjoy what I did post.

I try to give the photographer information when I can find it or if it is given with the photo.
I try to give information regarding where the photo was taken and what it is if I can find that, too.

Please see my "frozen seawater" puzzle here:
One of my favorite kinds of puzzles are this one:
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I joined Jigidi on 7 July 2010 and was last seen on 20 September 2023. I've solved 20607 puzzles (4.3 daily) and put together 1077880 pieces (223.5 daily)

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3 July 2023 - 17 August 2022
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