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I'm from the state of New Jersey, US. I am a teacher and Jigidi is my 'stress' manager - lol. I find myself drawn to this site whenever I need a break from the work load and the politics of education.
That being said, just a little about me. I have two beautiful adopted children from South Korea who were infants when they arrived. They are now in their 30s, and I am very proud of each of them and their successes and achievements in life. My little rat terrier, Chloe, is my newest adoption as I rescued her from a kill shelter. She is a joy that I look forward to every day when coming home from work, as my son and daughter no longer live with me. As you can probably tell, I am an animal lover and a staunch advocate for the safety and protection of all animals. They have no other voice but ours, and the abuse of animals is an issue that tears me up inside and breaks my heart. So, I actively support all agencies whose work it is to protect these innocent animals, and to care for those who are victims of abuse.

I joined Jigidi on 30 November 2014 and was last seen on 12 March 2023. I've solved 10561 puzzles (3.5 daily) and put together 626849 pieces (207.3 daily)

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