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Welcome to my puzzle page. This (jasonchung2) is my main account with Jigidi. It is an active account.

I like to post puzzles that have at least one of the following qualities: beauty, joy, elegance, serenity, positivity, lovely colours.

Geometrical puzzles, "drawings", doodles and/or "digital artworks" that are created by me on the computer are posted at this account (jasonchung2). I am a novice at this type of work and my computer knowledge is very basic. However, I will try my best to make my puzzles fun and interesting to solve.

I hope you will have lots of fun solving my puzzles.

Please also visit the other 2 accounts of mine with Jigidi:

jasonchung - I will continue to post puzzles of paintings and photos here whenever time permits. This is an active account.

jasonchung1 - I have requested Jigidi to seal this account and I will not be posting any more puzzles here. However, you may still solve all the puzzles of flowers that have been posted here (jasonchung1). Though I can read the latest comments, I will not be able to reply to them as jasonchung1 is now a sealed account.

These are my sealed accounts : jasonchung3 and graceli. No puzzles will be posted here.

I will communicate mainly from my main account which is jasonchung2. However, whenever a comment has been posted at jasonchung, I will reply to that comment from jasonchung.

I do not have any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. You may see several Jason Chung at these accounts and at Youtube, but these gentlemen are not me.

Cheerio, Jason :-)
13 April 2017

Dear Friends, Jigidiers and Guests,

In the future, sometimes, I will probably only draw, create, post and share a puzzle on the first of every month. When time allows, I will continue to share a puzzle twice a month.

Do drop by and solve my monthy puzzles. Thank you :-))

Warm regards, Jason :-)
6 July 2018

Dear Visitors,

The images on my puzzle pages at Jigidi are created by me and are my intellectual property. Please do not copy, edit, modify, pin, share, or repost any one of them or a part of them without first asking for and obtaining my written permission. Thank you for your understanding :-)

Warm regards,
Jason Chung :-)

I joined Jigidi on 18 March 2017 and was last seen on 24 May 2024. I've solved 83354 puzzles (31.8 daily) and put together 11943261 pieces (4551.8 daily)

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