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Welcome to my puzzle page.

I like to post puzzles that have at least one of the following qualities: beauty, joy, elegance, serenity, positivity, lovely colours.

Geometrical puzzles, "drawings", doodles and/or "digital artworks" that are created by me on the computer are posted at this account. I am a novice at this type of work and my computer knowledge is very basic. However, I will try my best to make my puzzles fun and interesting to solve.

I hope you will have lots of fun solving my puzzles.

Please also visit the other 2 accounts of mine with Jigidi:

jasonchung is used for posting paintings/ art prints as well as photos (sourced from the internet)

jasonchung1 is used for posting photos of flowers (sourced from the internet)

I do not have any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.

Cheerio, Jason :-)
10 April 2017

Dear Friends, Jigidiers, Visitors and Solvers of Jigsaw Puzzles,

Since January 2018, due to time constraint as I have to look after and take care of my best friend who is having a heart ailment, I will only be able to draw, create and post puzzles once a week only.

I hope that you will continue to drop by and solve my weekly puzzles. Thank you :-))

Best regards, Jason :-)
1 May 2018

Hi Everyone,

In the future, sometimes, I will probably only draw, create, post and share a puzzle on the first of every month. When time allows, I will continue to share a puzzle twice a month.

Do drop by and solve my weekly/monthy puzzles. Thank you :-))

Warm regards, Jason :-)
6 July 2018

Dear Visitors,

The images on my puzzle pages at Jigidi are created by me and are my intellectual property. Please do not copy, edit, modify, pin, share, or repost any one of them or a part of them without first asking for and obtaining my written permission. Thank you for your understanding :-)

Warm regards, Jason Chung :-)

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