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Hi! I'm a Canadian, living in Toronto. I love solving jigsaw puzzles.

Growing up, my father would buy them, and as a family we would gather around the kitchen table together to solve them. Now I have the pleasure of creating my own and posting them here for everyone to solve. I hope you enjoy them. (✿◠‿◠)

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :))

Small puzzles 0 - 150 Pieces can be found under InConcert35_Small.
Large puzzles 150 to 400 Pieces (or more) will be posted under InConcert35.

I joined Jigidi on 13 May 2011 and I am online now. I've solved 10193 puzzles (2.6 daily) and put together 1986072 pieces (507.7 daily)

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29 November 2021 - 12 July 2020
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