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Hello and thanks for stopping by! I live in Denmark in Faxe. I publish vintage puzzles such as ads and pictures/art. I do not solve so many puzzles, but I love to find and create the best vintage puzzles to you! My Puzzles usually are between 35 - 170 pieces in size.

Thank you in advance to anyone who leaves a comment on the puzzles I create. It is much appreciated.

If you as an artist feel that your rights are being violated, I apologize in advance. It's not done to hurt you as an artist, but only because I find a magnificent artwork of an artist that I think others should get to know. I only publish pictures that I know will be received with joy and pleasure by my followers on jigidi, and with respect for you as an artist. If you do not want your work to be published as a jigsaw puzzle, please submit a complaint to jigidi, and the jigsaw puzzle will be removed immediately and I will not publish any of your other works in future. I always make great efforts to find the artist's name so that it is possible to accredit you as an artist, but also to find out if you have refused permission to publish on Jigidi. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.

To those of you artists who allow publishing on jigidi - thank you so much - it is to the great joy of many people. especially in these times, where we need to get a smile and joy in everyday life, here your works can help (:-) and make a difference. I hope you will contribute your works! for this purpose. Thank You!

I joined Jigidi on 20 March 2016 and was last seen on 25 September 2023. I've solved 821 puzzles (0.3 daily) and put together 66103 pieces (24.1 daily)

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25 September 2023 - 19 September 2023
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