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I love digital artwork, and am particularly attracted to those which are evocative of emotion and/or are vibrantly colored.

I overwhelmingly choose pieces that depict women in all our varied forms - all our strengths and weaknesses - because I feel that it's not represented enough in art. More often than not, we are simply a subject of beauty, just a tool to be used to convey a thought. I want to see and share so much more than that.

I'm also trying to be more mindful of including more women of color in the pieces I share - there is almost certainly not enough of it and I want everyone to celebrate the awe-someness of these women with me.

I joined Jigidi on 8 October 2014 and was last seen on 27 June 2020. I've solved 436 puzzles (0.2 daily) and put together 77760 pieces (37.2 daily)

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17 October 2019 - 7 October 2019
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