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My name is Dre Erwin, and I've journeyed from a military background to a deep passion for therapeutic photography. I currently reside in Regina, Saskatchewan, with my wife Charlene and our son Mykel. While my profession keeps me busy as a primary care nurse RNAAP in the northern Metis and First Nations communities of Sandy Bay and Pinehouse Lake.

In my spare time, I'm dedicated to teaching therapeutic photography and actively participating in it. I take immense pride in being one of the founding members of the Pinehouse Photography Club, an initiative that employs photography to assist adolescents dealing with mental health and addiction challenges in northern Saskatchewan.

My journey into photography took a dramatic turn in 2015 when, near Tuxford, Saskatchewan, I ventured out to photograph an old barn using my new Nikon 3300 camera. Unexpectedly, a thunderstorm rolled in, leading to my first traumatic encounter with a tornado. This life-altering event during a challenging period spurred me to explore the therapeutic power of photography. I discovered that not only was I capturing images, but I had also unearthed a profound passion for the art. Through my lens, I could freeze moments in time with unparalleled clarity, preserving nuances and emotions far better than my memory ever could.

My photography venture has been a continuous learning process, combining trial and error with theoretical and educational components found online. I've dedicated countless hours to researching and applying therapeutic photography techniques in my work. This unique approach uses photography as a means to convey thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a creative manner, facilitating personal growth and well-being without formal education requirements.

While I've been capturing weddings, family photos, and events since 2015, my true addiction lies in chasing the mesmerizing aurora borealis and even storms. There's an irresistible thrill in gazing at the night sky, hoping for a geomagnetic storm, and I cherish those moments. Sharing these experiences with others has become a source of contemplation and personal growth for me. "Looking up in life" has changed me, and it's a joy to share these transformative experiences.

For more of my photography and to stay updated on my journey, please follow my page:

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