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My name is Dre Erwin, and I reside in Regina, Saskatchewan, with my wife Charlene and 18-month-old son Mykel. I work as a primary care nurse RNAAP in the northern Metis and first nations villages of Sandy Bay and Pinehouse Lake, and as an RN with Healthline 811. In my spare time, I teach therapeutic photography and participate in it. I was one of the first founders of the Pinehouse Photography Club, which employed photography to help adolescents with mental health and addictions in northern Saskatchewan.

In 2015, near Tuxford, Saskatchewan, I decided to put my new Nikon 3300 camera to the test by driving out to a farmer's field and photographing an old barn. When a thunderstorm moved into the frame, I had my first traumatic and life alternating experience being in the path of a tornado that day. Recently going through an exceedingly challenging time in my life, living through this event gave me the courage and motivation to move on and explore the power of photography. I quickly learned how photography could help me heal as well as others along the way.

I realized I wasn't just taking pictures anymore; I had developed a passion in photography. With a lens that was considerably superior to my own, I was capturing a moment in time. Unlike my own, which was jaded and easily persuaded, the worldview was pristine. Each nuance and emotion were preserved far better than my memory could have imagined. I was capturing the moment and history, no matter how insignificant the event.

For me, photography has been and continues to be a lifelong learning journey comprising a combination of trial and error, as well as online theoretical and educational components. I've spent numerous hours researching therapeutic photography techniques on my own and putting them into practice in my work. Therapeutic photography is based on a method of using photography to communicate thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a creative setting and be able to reflect on them for personal growth and welfare. It does not involve any official education.

I've been photographing weddings, family photos, and events since 2015. While capturing emotions is rewarding, I am addicted to the thrill of chasing aurora borealis and even storms! In all honesty, I couldn't pass up a good night out where I can spend part of my free time gazing up at the stars, hoping for a good geomagnetic storm. And when I have the good fortune to do this with others, it often turns into a wonderful chance for contemplation and personal growth. When you spend a lot of time "looking up in life," as it were, something changes in you, and it's a wonderful feeling to share those experiences with others.

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