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➽Hello! My name is Dixie. I am from Lower Hutt in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a huge fan of digital scrapbooking. I create all posts for my Facebook page and make them into little fridge magnets for friends and family. I am a hobby website designer for friends and family and people who are not very well off and cannot afford to pay for a web designer to give them a presence online. My husband Reef is an IT specialist (and hobby photographer) and runs our web server and my executive assistant is my little doggo ❝Zakky❞ who is very good at sleeping on the job! P.S. Link to download any of my piccies is on each ❝solved❞ message or here ▶️ (SSL Padlock Secure✓).
➽I keep my puzzles below 50 pieces for people who have small screens or who prefer less pieces. As I add a puzzle I'll add it to my ❛downloads❜ page. Feel free to use them anywhere you wish or email them to friends and family. You may need to refresh your browser to reflect updates.
➽All the magnet piccies are optimised for the web and 96dpi for inserting into an email.
➽One of my hobbies is digital scrapbooking. I make digital photo frames for Facebook posts, website shows, and puzzle pics, I also use them for friends and family's photos. I have a few thousand+ in my collection. If anyone on ❝JIGIDI❞ would like any photos framed ★FREE★ I will be happy to make them. I've made a wee web page with some frames for you to choose from. The frames shown on my site are smaller than actual size of finished frame. My ❛email address❜ for requests is on the site or you can use my site contact form with ❛upload button❜ for photos. Multiple frames requests OK, but two frames at a time per request would be appreciated. Frames website here ▶️ (SSL Padlock Secure)
✨❤️✨ to everyone on Jigidi.
My Facebook page: ▶️

I joined Jigidi on 28 December 2020 and was last seen on 7 March 2021. I've solved 8 puzzles (0.1 daily) and put together 198 pieces (2.9 daily)

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6 March 2021 - 1 March 2021
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