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I'm a person of eclectic tastes who enjoys being introduced to new art/artists, places, information, and cultures. I usually choose to solve small to medium-sized puzzles. For the puzzles I publish, I'm willing to recreate puzzles in other sizes on request.

Many of the photographs I post are taken by my husband, with some others taken by friends and family, and on rare occasions, by myself.

Under the identity of @carolsmc, I post puzzles of images that I find pleasing to the eye and encouraging to the heart and soul. Under the identity "@fringefest", I'm posting puzzles of images that may be a bit more visually and emotionally adventurous and challenging, and at times, odd.

I joined Jigidi on 27 February 2021 and was last seen on 6 October 2022. I've solved 8472 puzzles (14.5 daily) and put together 428336 pieces (731.7 daily)

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7 September 2022 - 1 September 2022
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