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I live in Pensacola Florida USA. Born and raised in Michigan. Oldest of 5 kids, 4 of us born in 5 years & all 5 of us in 8 years. One boy smack dab in the middle between 4 girls. I enjoyed Girl Scouting from my 6th year through my marriage at 24. I especially enjoyed backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains when in high school, and counseling during my college summer breaks. I was an exchange student to the Netherlands between my junior and senior year in high school and stayed in touch with the parents I lived with until they passed away recently. Both sets of my parents became friends and my Dutch ones visited us often after my summer with them. I earned my BA in Elementary Education at Central Michigan University in 1971. My first job was at Carson City Elementary School where I jump started my M.A. by teaching a class for my masters, the first summer after I was hired. I finished my masters ( 1976 in Early Child Development/Early Childhood Education) after marrying and moving around the US with my naval officer husband. We have been to the 4 corners of the US, and everywhere in between. In San Diego CA I turned my Michigan driver's license in to a man from my hometown, Saginaw, Michigan. In Key West FL we became enamored with catching sea food and also eating at the local Cuban restaurant, where the owners tried to fatten us up. We also have lived in Virginia Beach, VA, Brunswick GA, Meridian MS, Monterray CA. We welcomed our first baby after I meet the ship for Christmas (1976). We enjoyed Barcelona, rode the train to Rome, went a papal Mass and got blessed by the Pope, after a week we went on to Genoa. i truly met the ship when it arrived in that city. During the day I explored and tried to find my great-grandfather's grave in the military cemetary there. We welcomed our older daughter on September 25, 1977. Truly a child of Christmas. Our second daughter was born in Monterrey CA in 1980. We had a blood incapatability because I am O type blood and some of our older girl's blood entered my blood stream during her birth. So our second girl was supposed to be brain damaged. But it turned out OK because she is not. She is extremely gifted in science and math. She helped "integrate" her college by being in the third year class that allowed girls into the school. She graduated with a dual major in Computer Science and Math. Our older daughter is an artist, graduating from an art college in Atlanta. She has had shows in Atlanta, where she was written up as an up & coming artist. Here in Pensacola she has earned awards from an early age up to the present. She was diagnosed very high functioning autistic when she was 33 and her son was 2. Our daughters have given us 3 grandsons and presently one son-in-law. Our oldest grandson is also autistic with ADHD, reading at the end of 4th grade level at the beginning of second grade. Our second grandson very interested in trains and Leggos, and very mathematical, playing chess ( and winning some games) in kindergarten. Our third grandson is a very social younger brother who almost keeps up with his older brother. So I am learning about boys in my old age & enjoying it very much. I taught school, subbed in schools, and finally found my niche in working with babies birth to age 3. The service is called Early Intervention and I went into homes teaching parents and caregivers how to interact with their developmentally delayed or at risk for being delayed children to be the best they can be. I have learned that babies early experiences change their brains. If their early experiences are nurturing, their brains are changed so they become better learners. If their early experiences are not nurturing their brains are not as able to learn. I am retired.

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