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Filey, North Yorkshire since Jan 8th 2015 - and I love it! Goodbye city noise and rush - now in 'The Land That Time Forgot' - thank goodness! UK.

5 cats - Tootsie, Topshelf and Ziggy and Lily and Donald. Love to travel, take photographs and enjoy food (too much, especially chocolate) - and doing jigsaws!

And above all, I love my cats :-))
May 15th...Pumpkin crossed the Bridge after a dignified and determined battle against Hyper Eosinophilic Syndrome. Pumpkin, I miss you so very much...
And now we have a gorgeous Tortie called Lily whom we rescued last October. She is the now the house cat where she is free to roam without hassle from the others as they are now in their home next door with my friend with whom I shared for 30 years. Lily will sit with me whilst I do the jigsaws! (Beats her chewing every cardboard box in sight - who needs a shredder!)

Sadly, we lost my beautiful Topshelf to pancreatitis just before Christmas 2016. She was Pumpkin's sister so I hope they are together, pain-free and happy.

And now Ziggy is on her own. July 13th 2017 Tootsie left us to go with Pumpkin and Topshelf. She had been diagnosed with bowel cancer. The vet gave us a few days but we were blessed with five wonderful weeks but we knew when it was time to go. 'One day too soon better than one day too late'.

She had been with us for 16 years. Brought the others up as if they were her own kittens. She was an old soul and I miss her so much.

So now we have Ziggy, Lily, Donald and Sid the Stray.
And - of course - Dudley and Poppy!!
And Kevin the Hamster!

I joined Jigidi on 25 September 2011 and was last seen on 28 May 2024. I've solved 16065 puzzles (3.5 daily) and put together 3464709 pieces (748.5 daily)

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