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I was born in Houston, Texas, in December 1948, and now live in Albemarle County, Virginia. Bluebonnet is my primary account. As Bluestockings, I post art puzzles, usually featuring men, including some that show nudity. If you would like to see all of Bluestockings' puzzles, disable the "Filter content" option on your profile page.

I am always willing to create a puzzle in your preferred size range—larger or smaller—on request, if I can. Sometimes I create larger or smaller puzzles and do not publish them, in which case I will usually leave a comment on the original puzzle giving the URLs for these unpublished puzzles. Anyone is welcome to solve them.

Like many others, I use keywords for my puzzles so that people can find what interests them by going to "Puzzles" in the black bar at the top of a page, then to "Search" in the green bar below it and entering one or more keywords. Shortcut:

Examples of keywords: man, woman, dog, house, flowers, trees, still life, fence, village, red, matisse, cezanne, russia

I joined Jigidi on 19 February 2010 and was last seen on 22 October 2020. I've solved 6437 puzzles (1.7 daily) and put together 562438 pieces (144.3 daily)

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21 October 2020 - 13 October 2020