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Retired counselor/teacher. I love art! Looking at other people's artwork is my passion, so it's easy for me to make puzzles. I always give the artist's name if possible because I know many artists and photographers, and I know how hard they work, so I respect their rights. Digital art is a hobby of mine, using Photoshop and other software. I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I like to solve "easy" puzzles that are also pretty enough to put into my desktop slide show. I also like to take into account not just what art I like, but what Jigidi puzzlers like best, so I usually choose brightly colored "puzzle-friendly" artwork. If you like a puzzle, you can always comment and ask for more artwork by that particular artist. Thanks for reading this! ~Bethany

I joined Jigidi on 30 May 2018 and was last seen on 30 May 2022. I've solved 338 puzzles (0.2 daily) and put together 24939 pieces (17.1 daily)

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10 September 2019 - 1 September 2019
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