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Updated: June 7, 2020

I have a few "hats", the latest was a birder that is also a gardener, but before those came along, I have been a cat lover most of my life. Now the most used "hat" is mum of a rambunctious teenager with whiskers. I also love to read but lately the brain exercises have become obsessive, with puzzles! Last but not least, you meet such extraordinary people! A puzzler said: "to enjoy beauty, dreams and other folks", I could have not said it better.
We live in North Carolina USA... And I love all animals, well perhaps with the exception of snakes and predator birds.
I have two names and it has always been a bit complicated on which to use, by birth or predilection, or according to my "hats"?

QUALITIES: I am self-assured and kind, but do not like my boundaries crossed. I am straightforward and open-minded. I say what I feel and not what I think people wants to hear, honest 100 percent I do not believe in white lies. If someone says something that is not true, I do get upset so first reaction is to clarify... silence is not a good reaction, some might take it wrong. If it is right, no problem admitting!

Kindness, honesty and being humble are a must for being my friend!

I joined in 2014 but only became social in December 2019. It took me 5 years ... I have made good friends but some negative people are bad karma. It aggravates me to have to tell people their behavior is not acceptable... all adults should know that their boundaries end where the other person's boundaries start. Imposing people also aggravate me... sarcasm is simply intolerable! Do they think they are wit or clever?
I don't like pranks, they are malicious and mostly come from bullies and not from true friends. And there is no place for mocking either.

I do not like to dwell so I'm replacing the negative with promising update. For now, I think people have understood I am a great person / friend but I would not coward against a wall. I ignore what can be ignored, but some people need to be taught how to treat us.

There is always work in the garden... but there are also friends to talk to, be updated on nests, or new birds in the garden, making friends smile with pretty puzzles... I cannot stay away from Jigidi!

About "FRIENDS" that stop being: It takes sometime to get used to the Village that Jigidi is... we arrive with lots of expectations, big hope, time in our hands to exercise our brain ~ it is really good I never expected to be able to memorize so many things and names ~ we find lots of people we would like as friends... get to know them, is going great... BUT no matter we are honest and straightforward, things go wrong. I don't know if it is because at first people say what they think we want to hear, or is it something else? I really should not fuss because I have a few great friends, we can be honest with each other which is great, but still it hurts when someone stops being your friend.

Last but not least, adjustment on my whereabouts: I have a stack of books I have to read, my reading has been neglected and that is not a good thing. I have another stack bigger than this one for Nov to Dec. And I am a slow reader because I take notes.
I READ all my messages and answer any question there is... otherwise my after puzzle NOTE would be my EMISSARY! Thank you!!!

Mila aka BirdNana

"It is a really common misconception that just because an image is out there online it's automatically free to use - this is not the case, and this is why we do ask all of our users to obtain permissions to use images they find online.
There are sites that are solely for providing free images, so I suggest searching these out. This way you won't run into issues after you've taken the time to create a puzzle."


I joined Jigidi on 24 June 2014 and was last seen on 4 August 2020. I've solved 7777 puzzles (3.5 daily) and put together 492651 pieces (220.7 daily)

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