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My name is Beth; I am retired after many years of working with children and young people as both an art teacher and school librarian. I enjoy Jigidi and solving puzzles - especially ones made from "real" pictures so I can get to know the personality of the person posting! And I love Bavaria, where I lived as a child, Perdido Bay where I live now; visiting Boston (actually the whole New England area); my toy schnauzers, Beau and BabyGirl; learning about solar for off-grid living on YouTube; and listening to good mystery and detective books on Audible as I work my puzzles ♥ Although I've only been to a tiny part of Canada (above Maine) I think I would love it also - especially a train trip across the country, perhaps staying to explore the interesting history of Nova Scotia. Above all, as I am 100% northern European on both sides of my family, with almost all of that from Great Britain, I would someday like a (long-ish) stay in England, Whales, or West Ireland to discover more about my family beginnings! ☺♥☺

I joined Jigidi on 14 March 2014 and was last seen on 18 April 2021. I've solved 7810 puzzles (3 daily) and put together 838987 pieces (323.7 daily)

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2 November 2019 - 27 March 2016
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