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I prefer solving actual, real-life jigsaws, but virtual versions take up less space :)
I absolutely love comics, art, humour & wit ♡
◇◇◇ C O M I C S __ A R E ___ L I F E ◇◇◇
No, but seriously, there's a comic for everything. And I mean everything.


My mum and I used to do jigsaw puzzles together when I was young. She was fantastic at them! She could finish those that were thousands of pieces big. I would always give up at some point, but she managed to complete every single one of them! We would pour all the pieces onto a huge cardboard flap for fixing, and when they were finished, I would pour jigsaw glue over the entire thing and we would frame it afterwards. All our walls were decorated with huge jigsaw landscape pieces.


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my puzzles. :)

I joined Jigidi on 25 May 2019 and was last seen on 30 March 2020. I've solved 2882 puzzles (9.3 daily) and put together 189820 pieces (611.7 daily)

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