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I'm Alison Mary, from Oldham in the north west of England.

This is my primary Jigidi account and contains large (200-240 piece) and medium (80-100 piece) versions of my jigsaws. I also have a secondary account (minialma), which offers smaller (30-40 piece) versions of these puzzles. I'm a huge fan of beautiful fairy art and vintage children's illustrators and my puzzles all reflect this... :)

**NEW** Project 3: I've been researching the work of Rene Cloke (1905 - 1995), a prolific British illustrator of children's books, greetings cards and postcards. I particularly love her postcards of fairies and children and I've managed to gather together images from over 100 of them! Over the next few months, I'm going to attempt to turn as many of them as possible into jigsaws. Sadly there are no poems to accompany them, but I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless :)

Project 2 - complete: I've made a collection of jigsaws using the pictures and poems from Marion St John Webb's delightful Fairy books, illustrated by Margaret Tarrant. These were published between 1923 and 1928 and comprised 12 volumes - Flower, Forest, House, Heath, Seed, Insect, Pond (Water), Seashore, Wild Fruit, Weather, Twilight and Orchard Fairies. Each volume contains 6 themed poems, 6 colour plates and a number of black and white illustrations. Each of the colour plates has been turned into 'small' jigsaws and 'medium' and 'large' jigsaws on my other account (almaaurea). All are accompanied by the corresponding poem, either in full or in extract-form in the case of the longer poems!

Project 1 - complete! I've created a collection of jigsaws using the 168 illustrations and poems from Cicely Mary Barker's beautiful Flower Fairy books. For more information about these books and puzzles in both 'large' (200-240 piece) and 'medium' (80-100 piece) sizes, please see my main account (almaaurea). This account has been set up specially to create 'small' (30-40 piece)versions of the puzzles. All 168 jigsaws in the collection are accompanied by the original poems.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :)

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