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I'm Alison Mary, from Oldham in the north west of England.

I'm currently creating a collection of jigsaws using the 168 illustrations and poems from Cicely Mary Barker's beautiful Flower Fairy books. These were originally printed in 7 volumes (Spring, Summer , Autumn, Alphabet, Trees, Garden and Wayside), the first appearing in 1923 and the last in 1948. It was not until 1985, twelve years after Cicely Mary Barker's death that the final season (Winter) was published, compiled by extracting the appropriate flower fairies from the seven existing books. In all subsequent printings of the books, the total number of Fairies was also reduced to 160 (although I don't know how it was decided which 8 would be removed!)

On this account, jigsaws containing the 160 Fairies currently in publication will all ultimately be created in 2 sizes: 'large' (200-240 pieces) and 'medium' (80-100 pieces). Jigsaws containing the 8 Fairies no longer included in the books will be created in the 'medium' size only because sadly I can't source large enough images to create them with any more pieces. All jigsaws will, however, be accompanied by the original poems.

I have also set up a second account (minialma) to create 'small' (30-40 piece) versions of the puzzles. All 168 jigsaws in this collection will again be accompanied by the original poems.

I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I do! :)

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