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I'm a fractal artist. I have worked with this digital medium since 2006. You can find more of my work on Deviant Art in my gallery here:

Please do not copy or upload my work from Deviant Art. I enjoy relaxing on Jigidi and uploading some simpler works here made for the purpose and free for your use and enjoyment but my serious artwork is reserved for display on Deviant Art ONLY and is Copyrighted. It is not Public Doman (Google what these terms actually mean). Copyright means you MUST ask for the artist's permission before taking. This is a requirement of Jigidi's Terms of Use too. Copying work and simply crediting the artist is NOT sufficient unless free use is stipulated and/or you have permission to upload the artwork to a site like Jigidi.

Thank you for your consideration and acknowledgement that artists have the right, IN LAW, to determine how, where, when and by whom their works may be used. Using work without their express permission is illegal... and also, I might add, very upsetting. Please, don't do it!

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