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My name is Cecilia and many years ago when I started scrapbooking, I started using the name of Scrapper. It seems to fit many of my different past times so I still use it for my quilting and now my puzzle making.
I love putting together jigsaw puzzles. I recently wanted to learn how to make puzzles with interesting multi-dimensional pieces and play with the colors. So I started asking questions about the puzzles I was putting together. Another jigsaw puzzle maker offered to help me learn how to design my own puzzles. Thanks to my mentor, I am having so much fun that I have to remember that I also have dozens of quilts to finish, a husband to feed and a house to keep clean. Thankfully I am retired so, at some point, everything gets done.
I created Frieda Frog to be my puzzle muse. Frieda tends to get me started on an idea and then leave me to 'pick up the pieces'. I do have to keep an eye on her because she will often get in trouble while we are working.
I find that creating puzzles is a lot like quilting. Frieda thought that it might be fun to make some puzzles based on different quilt patterns or blocks. I hope these will be as much fun to put together as the other puzzles I am making.
I am also a grandmother. They are both in their teens and are growing up way too fast. We have just recently moved to WV from Florida to be near our grandchildren and daughter.
When I am not quilting or doing jigsaw puzzles, I love to read.
My other hobbies are scrapbooking, genealogy, counted cross stitching.
I am also a musician. I played flute in the orchestra for 15 years.
My husband and I enjoy watching the deer and birds in our backyard from the deck he built soon after we moved in. While building the deck, we had a curious deer come right up to us to see what was going on. We named him Charlie Brown. We bought some cracked corn and he was tame enough that he would eat from the bucket or my hand. Charlie soon brought others from the herd in our neighborhood. We were excited when the mama deer brought their babies for us to see. Winter came and Charlie, Buck, and George started roaming further away. Now we have only 2 does, Lucy and Sally Ann and 4 babies: Tweedledee and Tweedledum belong to Lucy and Ping and Pong belong to Sally Ann. I can't wait until spring and see who brings some more babies as these young ones will be growing up quickly and moving on to their own herd.

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