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If there's anything you want me to publish smaller or larger, I'll get to it for you when I can.

I often post series when they pop into my head... sometimes irregularly, sometimes one a day for a bit (til I don't feel like it LOL), often with a little write up.... Then again months later when I feel like it.

Sometimes there's a little solving bonus of more interesting information after you finish the puzzle. Sometimes there's not. If you like to learn things, I promise that I do my utmost to research and verify the facts on anything I post. Usually it is a mishmash of plagiarised wikipedia snippets bound together by my own writing and editing.

Oh, and opinion. I have opinions. You probably do, too, and that's great.

I like to tell little stories, sometimes. Sometimes it might happen on your puzzle! If that bothers you I apologise. TLDR some things are worth reading.

I try to use the keyword function when I post, so if there is a particular theme I've created that you like, you can often find its mates that way, if you don't want to page through my eclectic gallery.

I like to be silly and goofy and horse around, so before you go to the trouble of being offended at something I've said - or, worse yet, offended on someone else's behalf at something I've said (I have certain friends on here where we do sometimes tease one another mercilessly) maybe if it's that important, just ask, OK, before you fire all your artillery on me. I am not the kind of person who enjoys intentionally upsetting or hurting others' feelings.

As I have said here before, there will always be those on the internet who choose to be intentionally ignorant, and opportunistically offended.

Or, we can have fun.

Ready, set ---

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