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This chimpanzee (my profile photo) shares 98.7% of your DNA and is more closely related to humans than gorillas, so be respectful.

I have a few pet peeves. That being said:

1) Leave your Buick in the garage. Something bad always happens when you are out driving.

2a) Pluto is not a planet; it's a dwarf planet. Don't get me started.
2b) Pluto's orbit is in a different plane than Neptune's orbit. They can not collide.

3) Photoshop is for losers. (And coffee is for closers.)

4) Post another selfie. I dare you!

5) The First Amendment protects your right to comment on my puzzles. It also protects my right to comment on yours.

6) I know I misspelled "Chnia'. Thanks.

7) Science does NOT care what you believe. Book it.

8) Added August 2019--Did I happen to mention how much I hate mimes?

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