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I am a 1947-er, retired secretary, widow, living in Winterswijk, The Netherlands with my dog Bambi. After being ill autumn 2014 (heart-failure) I now can travel again with my caravan/car! and on the trips make lots of photo's for jigidi. My other hobbies are reading, reading, reading and.. walking/cycling with Bambi.
From 26.12.2016 on I am placing pictures taken during my wintertrip to Spain. I hope you will enjoy some of them! I am back home since 1. Febr. 2017, but will keep on posting Spain photo's the next weeks.

(Photo's which I made in 2014 in South of England can be found on page: travelia.)

In spring and early summer of this year I made hundreds of new photo's for jigidi. But my computer crashed and all are lost. I am feeling down about that. But... it's my own fault: I hadn't made a weekly backup!!!!! So learn from this and YOU make weekly backups of your computer so you don't loose photo's, mails or documents!!!!

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The glass is (at least!!!) half full!

You have to cope with the cards that life deals you,
and play the best game with them that is possible.

It is not the most difficult (brave) to do something,
but to make the decision to do it.

Als 't niet kan zoals het moet, dan moet het maar zoals het kan!

....... and don't go thinking I always behave up to the above mentioned ways of life!!!

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